About Us

Vian is a refined design, manufacturing and luxury retail company which produces glamorous handmade shoes. Vian's passion is to create the most exquisitely beautiful women’s shoes, characterised by their exceptional quality and fashioned from unique designs out of the most beautiful fabric and handwork.


The meaning of the name Vian, is "full of life" and all our designs are made keeping the brand's identity in mind. Our objective is to make women feel elegant and attractive and, above all, feminine. Our shoes are a distinctive blend of Indian heritage and personality.


Vian's bespoke shoes have become the latest must have indulgence of the fashion elite. The perfection of each design is reliant on the cut and the use of outstanding textures and fabric. Each tiny stitch and threadwork, shows incredible, scrupulous attention to detail. At Vian, each individual shoe is handled with the utmost love, care and respect. The imaginative use of cut, colour, fabrics and striking detail as well as the exquisite styling has caught the eye of the fashionistas.


We strive to capture the finesse, quality and fine craftsmanship of a shoe, whilst being the most sought after fashion accessory of the season. The distinctive Vian styles have become the hallmark of a discerning owner who has no need or desire to ever settle for less than the very, very best.